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Reports: Biden’s legislation is on the brink of House vote

The House plans to vote on President Joe Biden’s now-$1.85 trillion bill of social services and climate change programs, called the “Build Back Better Act,” as well as the slimmer $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package Friday according to multiple reports. The move comes after the House scrapped votes late Thursday as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi worked furiously into the night at the Capitol to shore up votes. Her strategy now seems focused on passing the most robust bill possible in her chamber and then leaving the Senate to adjust or strip out the portions its members won’t agree to. Half the size of Biden’s initial $3.5 trillion package, the now sprawling 2,135-page bill has won over most of the progressive Democratic lawmakers, even though it is smaller than they wanted. But the chamber’s more centrist and fiscally conservative Democrats continued to mount objections. Still, despite the differences, the Democrats in the House are anxious to finish up this week, eager to deliver on the president’s agenda.

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