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In effort to ease gas prices, Biden wants to expand ethanol blend availability

President Joe Biden will announce Tuesday another step to try to reduce prices for drivers paying more at the pump: expanding the availability of biofuels. While visiting an ethanol plant in Menlo, Iowa, a small farming community west of the state’s capital of Des Moines, Biden will announce the administration’s plans on allowing gasoline that uses a 15% ethanol blend to be sold during the summer, according to senior officials who spoke on condition of anonymity. Called E15, the blend can cost 10 cents per gallon less on average at the 2,300 gas stations where it’s sold, the officials said. Administration officials said the action Biden will announce will increase the use of home-grown biofuels, reducing dependence on foreign fuels. Iowa is the nation’s top producer of renewable fuel and the corn used to make it. Regular gas is averaging around $4.11 a gallon compared with $2.86 a year ago, AAA reports, and Biden is under political pressure to show he is doing what he can to ease the price of gas.

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