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Diversity in finance: A Black UCLA student seeks place in industry

Kenny Haywood checks in at the Academic Advancement Program office on Feb. 1. Haywood, a senior at UCLA majoring in economics, hoped to get a job in finance before spring. In 2020, the CEO of Wells Fargo claimed that the bank's lack of diversity in leadership stemmed from a "very limited pool of Black talent."
  • The number of Black staffers in the financial industry has budged little in recent years.
  • Black employees comprise 10% of entry-level workers in financial services while representing 3% of C-suite executives.
  • Racial equity in the financial space is important given the industry’s widespread impact on the economy.

During his time at UCLA, Kenny Haywood networked with alumni, landed a prime summer internship, and applied for dozens of positions to kick-start a career in finance. 

So by winter, as he approached the end of his senior year, Haywood, 21, said there wasn’t much more he could do but wait.     

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