Biden warns Putin against Russian cyberattacks: live updates

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  • Biden warns Putin against Russian cyberattacks: live updates

  • ‘Putin chose this war,’ President Joe Biden said on Thursday afternoon.
  • Ukraine says Russian troops have taken control of Chernobyl nuclear site.
  • Clinton, Bush condemn Putin’s actions against Ukraine.

President Joe Biden forcefully condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, calling it a premeditated attack and a brutal assault “without provocation, without justification, without necessity.”

“Vladimir Putin has been planning this for months,” he said.

Biden announced new sanctions that include banning what can be exported to Russia.

“We have purposely designed these sanctions to maximize a long-term impact on Russia and to minimize impact on the United States and our allies.”

Biden used his strongest language to date about Putin, saying the U.S. and allies will make sure he will be a “pariah on the international stage.”

The president met earlier Thursday morning with his national security team and world leaders, hours after Putin ordered the attack on Ukraine in the predawn darkness.

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