Domino’s Pizza reduces wings in $7.99 deal due to inflation

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A sign outside a Domino's Pizza restaurant in San Francisco, California.

Ordering wings from Domino’s Pizza? You might see fewer in your order.

The pizza chain is planning to cut back on the number of wings it offers in some orders, citing increased costs linked to inflation.

During a presentation at the ICR Conference this week, Domino’s CEO Richard Allison said the restaurant will change the count of wings and boneless chicken from 10 to eight pieces per order in its $7.99 carryout deal. 

Another change to the deal: it will only be available to order online.

“I think many of you are aware of the significant inflation across the U.S. economy and how that is hitting many of the inputs that we have for our business from meats, to cheese, to some of the grains that go into the production of our products,” said Allison during the conference.

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