How a Colorado kid went from lemonade stand to small businesswoman

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Quinn Davis founded QuinnHarley Calm Creations when she was 9 years old, selling rice packs that can be heated or frozen to soothe aching muscles.

Last summer, Quinn Davis, then 9 years old, operated lemonade stands in her hometown of Aurora, Colorado. She was successful, but wound up feeling frustrated. She wanted to make more money, and she had issues with just selling lemonade. She thought there had to be a better way. Like a surprising number of kids today, Davis wanted to own her own small business.

“With a lemonade stand, during the week some people don’t buy,” said Davis. “It’s hard to get all the stuff. And a ton of people do lemonade stands.” This budding young entrepreneur didn’t realize she was actually doing a fairly sophisticated business analysis: looking at customer purchasing patterns, examining operational challenges and checking out the competition.

Afterward, she said to herself, “An easier way would be to do business online. If it’s organized like a business, I’d make more money.”

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That’s when Davis decided to launch her own business. Her product? Fabric rice packs that can be used either hot or cold to soothe aching muscles. She sews the fabric herself and sells her packs online and at crafts fairs. Her business? QuinnHarley Calm Creations, which you can now find on Instagram.

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