How diverse are Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon?

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Good morning and happy Friday, Daily Money readers. Jayme Deerwester here. We’ve finally reached another rest interval in our 5:2 work-rest ratio routine.

Inflation is really starting to crimp Americans’ spending. In December, retail sales declined for the first time in five months, largely because of surging prices, bare store shelves and omicron. 

Rising wholesale prices are leading businesses to pass more costs on to shoppers. As a result, consumers are retreating from spending at places like department stores, restaurants, and even online, because of both sticker shock and product shortages stemming from the supply snarls. 

“I told my wife that it feels like it happened almost overnight,” says Jason Flores, 48, who relocated from San Francisco to Austin near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I even said to myself, ‘Holy cow, everything is getting super expensive here!'”

Want to do the math?  Play with USA TODAY’s inflation calculator.

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💡DAILY INSIGHT. 💡 Boardrooms and corner offices at America’s largest and most powerful companies have remained predominantly white and male, while people of color – especially women of color – are clustered at the bottom levels of pay and prestige.

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