McDonald’s, Dairy Queen start ‘sign war’ in Marshfield, Missouri

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A local “sign war” along the main thoroughfare in Marshfield, Missouri, is taking social media by storm.

It all began when employees of the Marshfield McDonald’s posted, “HEY DQ! WANNA HAVE A SIGN WAR” on their outdoor sign last week.

Angela Jones, shift lead of the Marshfield Dairy Queen, said the crew became aware of McDonald’s challenge on the morning of July 13. It was then they decided, as a team, if and how they would respond.

The decision? A roast.


What time does McDonald’s serve lunch? Is it the same on the weekend? We found out.  

This is in reference to a running joke that McDonald’s ice cream machines are frequently broken. There’s even a virtual map – McBroken – that tells users which McDonald’s locations have working or broken machines.

The Marshfield Dairy Queen outdoor sign reads, "WE WLD BUT WERE 2 BUSY MAKIN ICECREAM."

It didn’t take long before McDonald’s made a comeback: “THAT’S CUTE. OUR ICECREAM MAKES ITSELF.”

Over the last several days, the two fast food restaurants have continued across-the-street dialogue. And other businesses have joined in on the fun, including Wendy’s.

Depending on franchising and ownership, local restaurants have the capability of changing their signage at will. Others have to receive corporate approval.

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