Orlando Airport becomes Avelo Airlines’ newest base

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Avelo Airlines started service on April 28 at Hollywood Burbank airport metropolitan Los Angeles.

Low-cost carrier Avelo Airlines is opening a new base at Orlando International Airport Thursday, adding two new routes to its map and extra service to its existing hub in New Haven, Connecticut.

“We’re excited to make Orlando a big center of gravity,” Andrew Levy, Avelo’s CEO told USA TODAY in an interview. “There’s a lot of opportunity to add service in and out of Orlando to markets that are not being served either at all or adequately today.”

What Avelo’s Orlando base means for travelers

Avelo will start with three Boeing 737s in Orlando, with about 10 pilots and 15 flight attendants designated per plane. Levy said that having crews and equipment based there will make service to the airport more reliable and will allow the airline to serve more destinations from Florida starting this week.

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