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Good morning and happy Thursday, Daily Money readers. It’s Jayme Deerwester, back with you.

Not quite ready to think about back-to-school shopping yet? Well, given that it’s only July 7, we can hardly blame you. But once you are, Target has your back. On Wednesday, the retailer announced a variety of back-to-school events and will provide up to 20% in discounts for college students and up to 15% for teachers.

 Among the deals:

  • A bigger discount for college students who use its Target Circle rewards program. Students can get 20% off a one-time purchase any time between July 3 and Sept. 3.  
  • An extended teacher prep event providing teachers discounts on supplies through Target Circle. The event will run July 17 through Sept. 10, and provide savings of 15% on supplies. All teachers with valid identifications are eligible for the event.
  • Target’s Deal Days savings event will run from from July 11-13. Customers will get discounts on various tech, apparel and beauty products when shopping on Target’s website.

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