What we learned this year and what to better in 2022

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The year started in a way no one could have predicted – with hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters attempting to overthrow an election. Capitol-police-officer-turned-American-hero Eugene Goodman guided rioters away from the Senate floor and almost certainly saved lives.

It ended with, among other things, the death of an international hero – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Between Jan. 6 and Dec. 26, the nation, sadly, faced more of the same from 2020: thousands of COVID-19 deaths; demonstrations over the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery; mass shootings in states such as Colorado, Michigan and California.

The year also brought moments of triumph: young Olympians who won gold (and silver and bronze) despite being isolated from family members and friends; athletes who boldly taught the world that seeking care for one’s mental health shouldn’t be stigmatized.   

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