Where to find free donuts and deals near me

Homer Simpson's favorite day of the year, National Donut Day, is here.

Time to make the doughnuts – or, in our case, the list of where you can score freebies and discounts on the breakfast staple this Friday, aka National Donut Day. 

“Feels like offices should be closed Friday for National Donut Day,” the Dunkin Donuts Instagram page declared earlier this week. Alas, most are not, but hopefully, your bosses will realize what day it is and bring in a box or two. (If your office closes for the occasion, please tell us where you work because we may want to put in an application.)

In the meantime, make ours Boston cream, please! (Maple bacon if you’re going to Duck Donuts.) And maybe by next year, the Associated Press will have capitulated and changed the official spelling to “donut” so we don’t have to keep doing it both ways.

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